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Third Party Inspections

Whether it is a one time visit or a long term residency
offers third-party inspection services with deliverables that reflect “statement of fact” reporting that is unbiased and confirms verification and inspection services to local regulatory codes, standards, design specifications and specific technical project requirements. These services are provided to a cross section of industries including petrochemical, construction, industrial, manufacturing, mining, pipeline and power generation.


Source/Procurement Inspection Services

RVInspections offers source inspection services at supplier and vendor sites for manufacturers, owners, etc., to verify that the equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with local regulatory requirements, client’s specifications, standards, procedures and any applicable quality system requirements.  Utilizing experienced qualified inspectors who are promptly dispatched to supplier facilities to oversee inspections and testing. These source inspections are tailored to meet a specific need and may include:

  • Pre award surveys and audits of supplier facilities
  • Production surveillance and process reviews
  • Review of process documentation and acceptance of test procedures
  • Audits of quality systems and inspection procedures to conform compliance to government regulations
    or customer requirements
  • Audits of all subcontractor operations and all receiving inspection operations
  • Audits of systems and procedures for handling nonconforming products
  • Audits of quality, manufacturing and inspection plans
  • Analysis of quality performance data and records for incorporation into quality trend reports  
  • Verification to construction codes, specifications, procedure and qualifications
  • Performing visual examination throughout all aspects to ensure sound workmanship  
  • Witnessing integrity and performance tests
  • Verification of quantities shipped, including proper packing and identification marking

Owner's Representation Inspection Services

RVInspections offers owner’s representation services on behalf of an owner to confirm Pressure Equipment Construction Compliance including, ASME B31.3 & B31.1 piping, vessels, boilers, fired heaters. These services are provided on a full time or periodic monitoring basis during fabrication, construction, delivery, start-up and commissioning. The Owner’s representative activities will be tailored to meet a client's project requirements
and needs.


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