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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) utilizes state of the art technology to provide real time images of locations not readily accessible and is used to visually inspect components for surface defects, general condition, degradation, blockages, and foreign material. It can be used as a stand-alone inspection or as a complement to other Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques, such as eddy current, ultrasonic, or X-ray, in order to qualify unclear signals or pinpoint where a more thorough inspection is needed.

RVI is an established and proven method of inspection that enables rapid assessment of plant integrity and current serviceability. The continuing advancement of imaging technology has provided a broader range of ever improving hardware and is now better complemented with high quality storage and processing media. The key to obtaining the benefits of such equipment lies within the knowledge and experience when applying this inspection method. As capturing of these key images can help determine suitability for service, a competent and professional service is essential to ensure the optimum level of technical delivery and only RVInspections offers experienced, industry certified inspectors (ABSA, API, National Board) in combination with a state of the art equipment fleet.


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