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Our equipment fleet ranges from GE/Everest VideoProbe (Digital Borescope) for access through holes as small as 3/8" with a 20' probe length. 100' and 200' push cameras for 1.5"+ NPS pipe as well as robotic crawler systems suitable for 4" to 60" pipe with a 660' working range. We also use a QuickView system with a 216:1 zoom that gives a range of view starting at 75' in a 6" pipe and increases with diameter which is ideal for assessing vessel and pipe internals with 4" or larger access openings such as flanges etc.

As well one key activity that RVI has been successful in with new construction projects is performing pipe cleanliness checks. RVI utilizes recordable remote internal video inspection to verify the cleanliness of any piping system. This intern helps minimize the need to perform pipe line flushing & cleaning and saves the project dollars and schedule. In addition RVI has developed specialty tools for the need of any debris retrieval scenario like magnetic or vacuuming retrieval which helps in preventing unnecessary rework.

All of this equipment has the ability to provide video and still pictures in digital formats viewable on most computers. This allows the constructor to have a reviewable record of equipment internals which allows review by the owner at any time reducing both coordination and work scope planning. In addition giving the ability to providing verifiable information that can become part of the projects permanent records.

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